Little Rock, Ark. — Nov. 25, 2014 — The Origin Wind Farm located in Murray and Carter Counties in southeast Oklahoma is now operational and providing Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) with 150 megawatts of potential wind energy through a long-term power purchase agreement.

“With the addition of this wind energy, AECC has 201 megawatts of wind energy in its generation assets,” said Duane Highley, president and chief executive officer of AECC, a Little Rock-based wholesale electricity supplier. “AECC has access to more than 459 megawatts of energy via hydroelectric generating stations and power purchase agreements in addition to our baseload assets. We continue to explore energy options to provide the 500,000 electric cooperative members in Arkansas with reliable, affordable energy.”

Enel Green Power North America, Inc. is the owner and operator of the 75-turbine Origin Wind Farm. The expected output from the farm is 650,000 megawatt-hours. AECC is the sole recipient of the electricity generated. AECC is the sole recipient of the electricity generated. The cooperative also has a long-term power purchase agreement with BP and Sempra U.S. Gas and Power for 51 megawatts from the Flat Ridge 2 South Wind Farm in Kansas.

AECC has a long-term commitment to generation diversity. AECC is one of the top generation and transmission cooperatives in the nation with assets of more than $1.6 billion. AECC owns three natural gas/oil-based plants, four natural gas-based-only plants, co-owns portions of four low-cost coal-based plants and three run-of-the-river hydroelectric generating stations.

“AECC has a diverse mix of energy including coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, biomass and wind to shield our members from potential spikes in generation fuel costs,” said Andrew Lachowsky, vice president of planning, rates and market operations for AECC. “The cooperative also works to secure the lowest cost power via the wholesale energy markets.”

AECC’s agreement was made possible through the National Renewables Cooperative Organization (NRCO), which enables cooperatives nationwide to pool the ownership and benefits of renewable resources. AECC is one of 25 NRCO members. Based in Carmel, Ind., NRCO works on behalf of member cooperatives to facilitate the acquisition of renewable generation assets and assists members in diversifying their energy resource portfolios. For more information on NRCO, visit

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas comprise 17 electric distribution cooperatives; Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI), a Little Rock-based cooperative that provides services to the distribution cooperatives; and Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. (AECC), a generation and transmission cooperative. The distribution cooperatives provide electricity to approximately 500,000 homes, farms and businesses in Arkansas and surrounding states.

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