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When it comes to launching and growing businesses, power is a key factor. That’s why the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas make economic development a high priority.Together, we can help your business grow and thrive in Arkansas.

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A Heritage of Innovation

Since our beginnings in the 1930s, electric cooperatives in Arkansas have been at the forefront of innovative, progressive solutions that build strength, encourage growth and ensure stability in the state’s businesses and industries.

The nation’s electric cooperative movement began as America dug itself out of the Great Depression. In those days, the mission was to extend electricity to low-density, rural farmers who otherwise could not afford electric service.Today, Arkansas enjoys a robust portfolio of 21st-century business sectors—from industry and high tech to knowledge workers and the creative class. Our electricity infrastructure has grown along with the state’s economy to include sophisticated tools that enable today’s businesses to thrive.We are the leading Arkansas utility in alternative energy investments with several community solar projects under way, extensive hydroelectric assets and power purchase agreements for wind generation.

An Economic Powerhouse

With its strategic location, skilled workforce, stellar transit and utility infrastructure, and pro-business state government, Arkansas has emerged as a true engine of economic development.Our state has the second-highest manufacturing employment in the south and is rated by CNBC as fourth among the U.S. states for the lowest cost of doing business. Of the Fortune 500, 101 locate operations in Arkansas, while seven call the state its headquarters.For detailed information about our industries, workforce, climate, and a wide array of tax credits, block grants, low-interest loans and other incentives, check out the Arkansas Economic Development Commission at

Why Choose Arkansas?

We are invested in business growth and offer an array of incentives. Whether you are a business looking to open, expand, or relocate to Arkansas – we’ve got something for you.
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