For the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, educating the public about electrical safety is an ongoing effort and a top priority. One of the main ways we accomplish this goal is by presenting programs for students at schools located within the service areas of the state’s electric cooperatives.

Making Accidents Disappear

Safety demonstration in a classroom Scott Davis giving demonstration Scott Davis giving demonstrationScott Davis, a magician, has teamed up with the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas to use magic tricks to teach electrical safety to elementary school students. The 40-minute program, launched in the spring of 2003, is a big hit. To schedule a performance, please contact your local electric cooperative.

High Voltage Safety Demonstration

For more than 20 years, the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have traveled across the state with a trailer equipped with a model electrical distribution system, including poles, wires, and a transformer, among other equipment. The demonstrations are performed with live electrical power, about 7,000 volts, to educate the public about proper safety precautions around electrical equipment.