1. Delivery. Deliveries are FOB destination, and the delivery schedule, if applicable, shall be in accordance with the schedule set forth, or referenced, in our Quote. If no delivery schedule is set forth or referenced, a reasonable delivery schedule shall apply. Delivery times are approximate and are dependent upon prompt receipt by us of all information necessary to fulfill your order. Products will be packed in Seller’s standard shipping packages, and delivery times represent Seller’s best estimate of the time required to make delivery or shipment. Time is not of the essence with respect to the transactions covered by these Terms, except with respect to Purchaser’s obligation to make all related payments.

2. Inspection of Goods. All Goods delivered to Purchaser shall be deemed accepted and consistent with our Quote and itemized invoice unless Purchaser provides a written statement to AECI to the contrary within five (5) business days of Purchaser’s receipt of the Goods.