1. Shipment. A packing slip will accompany each shipment of the Supplies. The Supplies must be packaged in a way as to prevent damage to the Supplies. If you fail to meet our delivery requirements, we may require you to utilize a more expeditious method of transportation. You will then, at our sole option, (i) promptly reimburse us the difference in cost between the more expeditious method and the original method, (ii) allow us to reduce payment of your invoices by such difference, or (iii) ship the Supplies as expeditiously as possible at your expense.

2. Delivery. The time, date, and location of delivery for the Supplies is of the essence, and shall be listed in the purchase order. If no delivery time and date are specified in the purchase order, a reasonable time and date shall be presumed. You are required to achieve 100% on-time delivery (during regular business hours). Whenever you have knowledge that delivery may be delayed, you will immediately give us notice. The time for delivery shall only be extended in a writing, signed by us, for reasonable delays due exclusively to causes beyond your control and without fault to you, including but not limited to acts of God, fires, strikes, and floods.

3. Our Acceptance. Acceptance of the Supplies shall be deemed to occur on the date when (i) the Supplies have been delivered and, (ii) in the reasonable and sole opinion of us, the Supplies conform to the specifications and technical requirements of the Purchase Terms. After both conditions occur, we will provide you with an electronic confirmation evidencing our acceptance. Acceptance of any part of an order will not bind us to accept future shipments nor deprive us of the right to reject and return Supplies already accepted.

4. Title/Risk of Loss. Title and risk of loss will remain with you until you have delivered the Supplies in a completed state, and we have inspected and accepted delivery at the location specified in the purchase order.