OC must submit monthly invoices within thirty days of the conclusion of the billing period, in a format of OC’s choosing but consistent with the billing practices of this Agreement. At a minimum, invoices must include: a detail of fees broken down by each Team Member, including the number or increments of hours spent by task, per matter; a description of the services rendered; the relevant AECC personnel with whom contact was made; and a list of reimbursable expenses by category. AECC will remit payment for all non-disputed invoices within 30 days of receipt. AECC reserves the right to deduct rates, fees, and charges that are inconsistent with this Agreement. If a deduction is made, the invoice shall be returned to OC. If OC wishes for AECC to reconsider the deductions, OC may request reconsideration within 30 calendar days from the date the invoice is returned. On the 31st day after the reduced invoice is returned to OC, AECC shall consider the deductions final. Where AECC and OC discuss deductions, AECC will ask OC to resubmit a new invoice reflecting the agreed amounts.