1. Effect of Compliance. Compliance with the Requirements does not relieve the Contractor from liability to AECC or others for negligent or improper performance of the Work. Further, neither compliance with the Requirements nor AECC’s approval of any actions or procedures of the Contractor shall relieve the Contractor of its obligation to use due care in performing Work and to take any additional precautions necessary to prevent injury, adverse effects to the public, and/or property damage. The Contractor shall ensure safe Work practices, protect their Workers, and monitor the project’s safety and health effects during the Work.

2. Effect of Non-Compliance. Any Contractor or Worker who fails to take the necessary safety corrective measures to conform to the Requirements shall be brought to the attention of the AECC Safety Department. The AECC Safety Department shall have the authority to:

  1. Suspend Work in progress;
  2. Terminate any and all active contracts; and/or
  3. Remove the Contractor from AECC’s approved Contractor list