Until full payment of all obligations of the Purchaser for an order, AECI reserves the title (but not the risk of loss) to all Goods furnished under that order. If Goods are returned or replaced, Purchaser shall retain all risk of loss of such Goods until they are received by us and accepted for return or replacement. If the Purchaser (i) defaults in payment or performance, (ii) becomes subject to insolvency, receivership or bankruptcy proceedings, (iii) makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or (iv) without the consent of AECI, voluntarily or involuntarily sells, transfers, leases or permits any lien or attachment on the Products, AECI may treat all amounts then or thereafter owed by Purchaser to be immediately due and payable and AECI at its election may repossess the Goods for which Purchaser has not paid in full. In the event of repossession of Products under this section Purchaser agrees that AECI may enter the premises where the Products may be located and remove them without notice and without being liable to Purchaser for such repossession.