System 1,500 Square Foot Home 2,500 Square Foot Home
Earth-Coupled Heat Pump $386 $644
LP Furnace and A/C $1,220 $2,014
Gas Furnace and A/C $1,356 $2,241
Air-Source Heat Pump $705 $1,133

Energy use data based on calculations reflecting a home average construction and insulation R-values. Geothermal heat pump SEER 19 COP 4.5, air source heat pump SEER 13 HSPF 8. LP (propane) and natural gas AFUE 80%. Standard A/C SEER 10. Utility rates based on $0.066 per kWh, $1.85 per therm natural gas, $1.25 per gallon propane.

Tax Credit: visit the Department of Energy website for geothermal tax credit details.