Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) is the wholesale power provider to Arkansas’ 17 electric distribution cooperatives, who in turn serve more than 500,000 retail members across Arkansas. In order to effectively fulfill this role, AECC relies upon contributions from both inside and outside legal counsel. In those instances where AECC retains Outside Counsel (OC)1, AECC seeks to ensure the highest quality legal representation is retained while engaging in effective supervision and cost controls.

These Outside Counsel Terms and Conditions (Agreement) applies to OC representing or advising AECC, including any employee of AECC in his/her official capacity, board or board member of AECC in his/her official capacity, subsidiary of AECC, or any other AECC-owned entity (collectively referred to as AECC). This Agreement is effective for all work performed beginning on or after January 1, 2017, until such time as this Agreement is revised. This Agreement supersedes any previously-issued policies, retention agreements, or oral representations pertaining to outside legal representation of AECC’s interests. OC shall inform all attorneys, senior managers and billing team members working on AECC matters of this Agreement and shall ensure their compliance.

By accepting new or continuing representation of AECC, OC shall be deemed to have (a) familiarized him/herself with this agreement and (b) agreed to adhere to this agreement in all respects.