Helena Harbor is home to a 4,000-acre industrial park right on the Mississippi River. The park is ideal for manufacturing and distribution companies looking for water and interstate transportation in a state with low taxes and a low cost of living. “Arkansas offers distinct advantages for businesses looking to maximize their profitability. It’s more affordable to have your operations here. Our workers are skilled and want to work. We offer incredible transportation access,” said J.D. Lowery, Manager, Community and Economic Development for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. “The Helena Harbor Industrial Park is an excellent site for business expansion. With 4,000 acres on the Mississippi River, there is unlimited opportunity for growth.”

Significant investment has been made in the industrial park and harbor. Natural gas was added in 2015 and is available through Centerpoint Energy. The site became AT&T fiber ready in 2016 and rail service opened four days a week in 2016. Other projects include the upgrade and expansion of the Helm Fertilizer terminal, and the continued development of the production facility of Envirotech, a producer of biodegradable liquid disinfectants for the food and water services. In 2020, a water supply improvement project was also completed. Helena Harbor is developing a Container on Barge (COB) site that is scheduled to be in service by 2024.

“We’re now down to the last two big items for our critical enabling infrastructure,” said John Charles Edwards, Economic Development Director for the Harbor. The remaining items are building a wastewater treatment plant and a 500,000-gallon elevated water tower. Both projects will serve residents of the industrial park that is located 5.5 miles south of Helena-West Helena. A variety of grants may be used to fund these projects now that Helena Harbor has been named a “designated project” by the U.S. Department of Transportation. With this designation, the harbor and industrial park can apply for grants through the Marine Highway program.

Site on the Mississippi River: Location Details

The Helena Harbor Industrial Park is a multimodal site located on the Mississippi River, bordering it on the east and south. State Highway 20 is on the western border of the site with farmland to the north. This makes the site ideal for industrial uses and for those needing to transport goods via river, rail and road.

Shovel-Ready Industrial Site

In addition to having the necessary infrastructure in place, a Phase 1 Environmental Study was completed in 2021. A Historic and Cultural Report is also complete. There are no obstacles to building in the Helena Harbor Industrial Park and incentives are available to make it even more attractive. “We want your business and will help companies to make the move to Helena Harbor,” said Lowery. “Business owners and site selectors can contact me for more information or to schedule a tour.” Email J.D. Lowery.

Helena Harbor Industrial Park Video